Services for Schools

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I can help you to identify speech, language, and communication needs (SLCN) in your setting and provide a service tailored to meet those needs.

Tier 1: Universal

A whole-setting approach, working with staff to ensure all children have opportunities to develop their language and communication skills. This may include support for whole-school improvement plans, signposting to information, staff training, developing communication-friendly classrooms.

Tier 2: Targeted

Support for children and young people whose speech, language, and communication skills are below age-related expectations. This may include training staff to deliver evidence-based interventions, often in groups, ongoing monitoring, and support to staff delivering those interventions.

Tier 3: Specialist

Intervention for children and young people with severe and complex speech, language and communication needs. This may include collaborative target setting, providing resources, assessment, and 1:1 therapy, contributing to annual reviews, and EHCP assessments.

Cost Effective

This is a cost-effective way to replace or supplement the existing speech and language therapy support in your school.  You pay only for the provision you receive and school does not cover costs for therapist supervision, professional development, annual leave or sick pay. The therapist uses their own materials and can advise schools on materials for wider use.

Further advice for schools can be found here: ‘Guidance for education settings on commissioning (buying in) speech and language therapy services and training’ (RCSLT, 2020) Education Guide pdf

Options for Schools:


Spot commissioning:

Buy in a specific service such as an assessment for an individual child (funded by EHCP, school, parent) or to run a specific intervention for an individual child or group.


Hours or Days:

Buy in hours or days: time which can be used flexibly to provide a range of services.



Training for school staff or parents on a wide range of topics within the fields of speech, language and communication and/or autism.

Contact me

I work with children and young people with a wide range of communication needs between the ages of 2 and 18 years. My specialism is working with children with autism and associated difficulties with language and social communication. Whatever service you require, please get in touch, as I will always help direct you to another specialist if I feel your needs are not within my area of expertise.

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